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November 9, 2016
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November 24, 2016

Hunting Jackal in Namibia

Jackal are mostly considered animals of opportunity, most farmers consider them vermin and request us to shoot them on sight.

The Jackal is an opportunistic creature by nature and they are fond of preying on small antelope. Most farmers in Africa consider them to be a pest and request hunters to shoot them on sight. These little predators are very similar yet smaller than the North American Coyote. The Jackal prefers open areas such as woodlands but can really adapt to almost any habitat.

The most common species of Jackal found in Africa is the black-backed Jackal. The side-stripped Jackal is the one that is mostly found in the Northern parts of Namibia. The black-backed Jackal is slightly reddish in color and has a saddle of black on his back with accented white speckles. The only way to tell the males from the females is in their weight. The males will be slightly heavier than the females.

The Jackal is mostly independent of water and usually solitary. They mostly prefer to live in pairs and establish territories. Jackals are scavengers of carcasses and also feed on lambs, hares, mice and fruit. Hunting Jackal normally happens by chance while hunting other game.

The Jackal is an extremely resilient little predator and attempts to eradicate him have been futile. As his numbers are decreased significantly, he tends to produce larger litters to compensate. Hunting Jackal is sometime a nice distraction and you can be sure that one will show up just as the other game becomes scarce.

The best caliber to use for hunting Jackal is the one you are most comfortable with. Just keep in mind that the Jackal is a small animal and a large caliber can compromise your trophy.

When hunting Jackal it will most probably be a night time endeavor complete with spot lights and animal calls.