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Leopard Hunting
July 12, 2016
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August 4, 2016

Hunting Buffalo in Namibia

The Cape Buffalo is considered by some to be the most dangerous of all of the Big Five.

Ever dreamt of hunting Buffalo in Africa? As with the other Big Five we also offer Buffalo hunting packages in Namibia. Like most countries in Africa, Namibia is one of the top destinations for hunting Buffalo. We have no seasonal restrictions so the Buffalo make a suitable trophy any time of the year.

Buffalo are herd animals and they can be found on the open savannah where grazing and water are readily available. They prefer to graze from the early evening’s right into the night as well as during the day when it is cooler.

When it gets too hot during the day they tend to seek shaded cover under trees. Male and female Buffalo possess horns, but males are famous for developing gnarled bosses as they become older. The Buffalo is grey-black in color and may appear as a large bolder at first sight.

Buffalo are very large animals but can camouflage themselves very well in dense cover. They have very poor eyesight and hearing but their sense of smell is extremely good. When they are in a herd it is difficult to get close to then so try and find a solitary bull.

Buffalo hunting is traditionally done by walking and stalking the animal. You will need a good tracker to follow and pick up fresh spoors at waterholes and roads. When the bulls get older they prefer to move alone or form small groups of bachelor bulls called Kakulis.

When going Buffalo hunting aim for the vital organs and hope your shot will break some bone. Experienced hunters will let you know that it is best to aim for the heart. A well placed shot will cause the animal to grunt on impact and gallop away. The buffalo will signal its death with a distinct bellow. It is very difficult to pull a mature bull to the ground unless your shots hits its spine. If wounded, buffalo are amongst the only animals that will willfully circle back and lie and wait for their pursuer.