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August 4, 2016
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October 13, 2016

Hippo Hunting in Namibia

The hippo can be found in many of the rivers and pans of Southern Africa.

When coming to Africa for a hunting Safari any hunter worth their salt should add hunting Hippo to their list of dangerous game. The Hippo is an extremely aggressive animal and it is said they are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other dangerous game. Their preferred habitat of choice is rivers and pans throughout Namibia.

This animal is very sensitive to sun and remains in the water for the most part of the day. It is only during the night that he can be found away from water. Humans normally encounter this animal in the early morning when he is on his way back to the river.

Hunting Hippo is one of the most ambitious adventures a hunter can experience in Africa. You will either find your self paddling down the river of crawling through tall grass in search of a lonely bull. Hunting for Hippos is a great adventure and is even better when combined with crocodile hunting.

When you get the change to encounter this animal out of the water, a large caliber rifle with solid ammunition will be needed to take him down. The preferred shot placement would be to go for a head shot. Just be sure to learn where the Hippos brain is located. Aiming for a head shot when the Hippo is in the water will cause him to sink out of sight.

 If you happen to miss the head shot it will likely concuss the animal and the Hippo will thrash about. If this happens you should follow up with rapid back shots. Due to the vegetation in the Hippos stomach, the dead Hippo will eventually float on the surface because the vegetation creates enough gas to float the dead Hippo.

When hunting Hippo, you are hunting it for its 12 tusks. The ideal trophy will come a mature bull. It is possible to guess the size of the tusks by evaluating the pockets in the Hippos jaw, but waiting till he opens his mouth will give you a visual confirmation,

Hunting Hippo is all about the fun of the hunt and is very similar to pig hunting. The size of your trophy is not so important because any Hippo is going to be a huge animal and a pleasure to hunt.