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Epic Bow Hunting in Namibia

Bow hunts in Namibia can be extremely challenging yet very rewarding

bow hunting in namibia
bow hunting in namibia by ekuja safari

For the hunter who prefers a more old school approach, we offer bow hunting safaris all over in Africa. We strive to give every bow hunter the opportunity to hunt the specie they desire in the best hunting areas possible.

Like with most hunting adventures in Africa, bow hunting is very challenging and rewarding. We offer bow hunting trips for each and every specie of plains game on our price list. Please be aware that in Namibia it is illegal to hunt dangerous game such as the Lion and Leopard with a bow. Bow hunters who want to hunt dangerous game can do so at our concession areas in Zambia where it is 100% legal to hunt dangerous game with a bow.

When embarking on a bow hunting trip in one of our hunting locations, you will be pleased to know that the area will be clear of all and any rifle hunters. Also be aware that bow hunting trips normally take 30% longer than hunting for the same species with a rifle. The minimum time we recommend is one week to hunt for 5 trophy animals.

The best time to book a bow hunting safari is during the winter months. Water sources are scarce during the winter periods and therefore waterholes will be concentrated with game. This will increase your chance of hunting that prestige trophy. During the winter the trees also shed their leaves which makes finding animals a whole lot easier.  

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