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Dangerous Game Hunting in Namibia

Big-game hunting involves the hunting of large dangerous game and almost always includes large terrestrial mammals.
big game hunting in namibia

With big game hunting, also called dangerous game hunting, in Africa it is all about hunting large game that have a reputation for being dangerous. Big game hunting can be defined as large and dangerous animals that are territorial in nature. The term can also be identified with Africa’s “Big Five” which include the Lion, Elephant, Cape buffalo, Leopard and Rhino.

Interested in doing a dangerous game hunt? We at Ekuja Hunting Safaris strive to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. We have the best hunting areas available stretching from Namibia to Zambia.  Our elephant hunting area in Namibia is definitely rated one of the best elephant hunting areas in Africa, producing exceptional ivory every season.  Zambia is well known for its huge population of Leopard and Lion.  With well regulated trophy hunting, our areas delivers some of the best quality trophies every season.   Preparation for a dangerous game hunting is of the utmost importance. The right caliber rifle and right ammunition can make the difference between taking home a trophy or taking an expensive stroll through the bushveld. You have to trust your Professional Hunter.  All our professional hunters have years of experience and exceptional knowledge of tracking and hunting dangerous game.

We have dangerous game hunting packages for Africa’s Big Five as well as other dangerous game such as the Hippo and Crocodile. Depending on which species are of interest to you, the hunting areas will differ from specie to specie.  

Please contact us for a price list for Namibia, Zambia or South Africa

Local authorities limit the number of permits issued for dangerous game hunting, so please book your safari well in advance.

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Hunting dangerous game requires a valid permit and must be applied for well in advance. Please check with us whether permits are available for the specific animal/s you want to hunt