Welcome to Ekuja Luxury Hunting Safari

Have you ever dreamed of a Luxury Hunting Safari ..... Well Stop Dreaming. You have just found the safari outfitter that has the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

Ekuja Hunting Safari is owned By Mr Drikus Swanepoel.  He is a man who embodies the very nature of African Hunting

A true man of Africa, with a deep rooted understanding of the bush and its animals. Hunting Safaris is not his profession, it is his lifestyle. As a hunting and fishing fanatic Ekuja Hunting Safari was founded by Drikus Swanepoel; he is the third generation of the Swanepoel family who were all born and raised in Namibia with the dust of the land coursing through their veins.

Under his guidance and leadership the Ekuja Hunting Safari team is committed to provide you the guest with the best experiences of Africa.

There is no end to the lengths that they are willing to go to, to make your stay the most memorable. From Plains Game Hunting to Big Game and Dangerous Game Hunting, Ekuja Hunting Safari is the place where preparation meets opportunity. Whether you are a seasoned trophy hunter or a novice out for his/her first trip, lifetime memories will be supplied to you in abundance by our dedicated team.

Ekuja Hunting Safari's main camp is situated on the banks of the Black Nossob River, 63miles (100km) from Namibia's National Airport; Hosea Kutako International Airport - only a short hours drive from the airport to Ekuja.

Form the main camp, we journey throughout Namibia to find you the guest, that special experience that will make your dream a reality.

Our Values and Principles


- Employing strictly ethical and fair chase hunting practices at all times.
- Employing only professional, highly skilled and experienced personnel.
- Highest standards of safety.
- Highest standards of accommodation and service
- To make sure your trophies are of a high quality.

Ekuja Hunting also offers opportunities for the non-hunter. Such activities include game drives, photo safaris, bird watching, sundowners and hiking. If any non-hunters would like to join their companion on a safari, Ekuja will gladly plan a trip to Windhoek for a shopping experience and take you through the African street markets and the best souvinour shops available. The non-hunter can also accommodate the hunter as an observer.

Why Choose Ekuja Hunting Safari

We love what we do and we do what we love!

Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting
We are proud to offer the dedicated bow hunter some of the best bow hunting experience that Africa has to offer. We meet all of the qualifications required to conduct bow hunting in Africa.

Trophy Hunting

Trophy Hunting
Ekuja Hunting Safari is the perfect destination for first time hunters and trophy hunters alike. Our hunting territory consists of a variety of differing terrains teaming with herds of Wildebeest and Eland

Fine Cuisine

Namibian Cuisine
At Ekuja we concentrate on traditional Namibian menus. Our local chefs believe in ‘cooking for friends’ and delight in personally introducing each meal.

Luxury Accommodation

Safari Lodge
At Ekuja you will be greeted with warm African hospitality. Enjoy the views of endless African bush and revered sounds of nearby wildlife.

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