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Leopard Hunting
July 12, 2016

Lion Hunting in Africa

He is the largest of the African cats, weighing in at between 400 and 500 pounds.

When hunting Lion in Africa, you are hunting the King of all African predators. Most hunters consider the Lion to be the most respected and feared of all the African game. Being the largest of all African cats, he stands almost 4 feet tall at the shoulder and is almost 10 feet in length.

Unlike most cats the Lion is the only member of the Cat family that live in groups called prides. The pride consists of a dominant male, a matriarch and her sisters and their cubs. Lions are known to have huge appetites and are capable of consuming as much as 25 percent of their own body weight in a single feeding. While only the males have manes, some male remain mane less but can still be identified by their size and muscle structure.

Both the sexes make for good trophies when hunting Lion. The Lion is extremely nimble and fast and deserves the utmost respect from a hunter. He is as unpredictable as a house cat and more than capable to make quick work of a man. Being vindictive by nature if he is hurt and knows who hurt him, you can be sure he will plan on doing something about it.

Hunting Lion is a very exciting hunting adventure and can be done throughout Africa. Taking down one of these big cats makes for a prized trophy. Hunting these cats might scare you when you first hear their intimidating roar, but they are just pure excitement to hunt.

Lions are very protective of their territory and they have fixed hunting areas which they often visit. When hunting Lion it is best to set up large baits close to the ground. It should be high enough so that they can feed with some effort and also high enough so that Hyenas cannot reach.

Lion Hunting is normally done early in the morning by setting up a blind and waiting for them to feed. Once the Lions are feeding on the bait, they are typically much easier to shoot than a Leopard.

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