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Hunting Springbok in Namibia

Hunting Springbok is about shooting at a pretty small animal at a far distance in a very short time.

When hunting Springbok it is all about shooting a small animal from a distance in a very short time. The name Springbok means jump buck because when a Springbok herd is running you will often see the odd one jumping into the air.

The Springbok is a beautiful antelope that once thrived in their millions. These days however they are found on game reserves and game ranches. Both the males and females have horns where the male’s horns is longer and thicker.

When hunting springbok it can be difficult to identify a potential trophy because both males and females carry horns. Springbok herds can also be very large and thus hard to approach with all those eyes and ears watching your every step. Because of this it is best to walk and stalk this little antelope. Setting up ambushes near feeding areas is also a good idea.

If you can get close enough you are doing well and you should take your shot. The flat-shooters will be the ticket when hunting springbok. A good quality scope will be invaluable when hunting Springbok due to the distances you will face. For the meat hunter it will be worth it because Springbok are famous for having the tastiest meat.

As with most African antelope the lung shot from the side should be the choice, aiming just behind the shoulder. Hunting springbok will always be a challenge due to his size and excellent senses. Always try to keep the wind in your favor, get as close as you can and then shoot straight.

While hunting springbok, we often have situations were hunters fiddle with their scopes. As soon as the hunter has set everything for the perfect shot, the springbok takes a small jumping strut and trots away. We therefore recommend every hunter to practice long distance shooting, getting used to his rifle. Namibia is Springbok territory with plenty of Springbok roaming our beautiful land. Come and take a nice trophy or two and we guarantee you will be back for more!