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December 13, 2016
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Hunting Kudu in Namibia

Kudu are one of the iconic antelope of Africa and perhaps the most hunted due to their abundance and distribution across the continent.

When coming to Africa, hunting Kudu is on the top to do list for almost every hunter. The Kudu is second only to the Impala as one of Africa’s most popular plains game trophies. The Kudu is a strikingly beautiful antelope and one of the largest in Africa. His long spiral horns sets him apart from all other antelope species in Africa.

The Kudu sports a coat of pale-grey to brownish-grey with white vertical stripes down the side. He has a distinctive white chevron marking between his eyes, which set off the very long spiral horns carried only by the bulls. The Kudu cows are very easy to identify due to the fact that they lack horns. However the females have very distinct and beautiful ears. Both sexes display white beneath the tail and have a conspicuous hump on the shoulder. Hunting kudu is best accomplished in the bushveld.

Like the Eland, the Kudu are also browsers that feed early morning and late afternoon while standing in the shade during the day. They prefer to travel in small groups that consist mainly of cows and young. During the mating season however there will always be bulls attending the group. The Kudu bulls prefer to form their own groups that can be 10 or more. The older bulls will however remain solitary for most of their lives.

Most hunters believe that Hunting Kudu should be done early in the morning or late in the evening. This is normally done by walking and glassing from the top of hills and across plains. The Kudu is very inquisitive and will give the hunter more than enough opportunities for a shot.

There are however hunters who believe the best time to find them is midday as they stand beneath shaded trees and form a dark outline which is clearly visible instead of blending in with their surroundings.

When hunting Kudu, shot placement is very important. It is best to aim for heart or lung, about one third into the body. This type of shot will effectively take out the plumbing from the heart and your Kudu will not go far.