Hippo Hunting Namibia
Hippo Hunting
August 16, 2016
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October 17, 2016

Hunting Cheetah in Namibia

Cheetah hunting is challenging because a Cheetah’s territory is vast and they are constantly on the move

Hunting Cheetah is a challenging task because the Cheetah is moving around constantly due to its vast territory. The available prey in the area will determine how many Cheetahs there are and at Ekuja we have a huge variety of game. Cheetahs only feed on fresh kills so they will not react to baiting as is normally done with the Lion and Leopard.

If you do however come across a fresh Cheetah kill, there will be a very high chance that they will come back to eat their kill. In such a fortunate situation you should immediately put together a makeshift hide and wait and see if they return to their kill. If they do return it would be in short period of time.

Hunting Cheetah is mostly happens on an encounter basis, and usually involves quite a bit of luck to encounter them. It is not unusual to travel long distances by car before encountering a Cheetah. Tracking by foot can also be done, but the Cheetah is a very hard animal to track for a number of different reasons.

Hunting this cat can also be done from a blind in areas regularly visited by Cheetahs or near a water hole. Terrain that have play trees, scat rocks and particular plains can greatly increase your chance for a successful Cheetah trophy.

In Namibia it is illegal to hunt at night, but fortunately the Cheetah is more active during the day than at night time. When it is very hot they tend to move around more frequently in the early morning and late afternoons. However you can come across one at any time of the day. The Cheetahs daily schedule revolves entirely on hunting and trying to keep cool in warm weather.

If it so happens that you get the opportunity to hunt a mature Cheetah you will have only a small window of opportunity to take that shot. Cheetahs will typically not stay in the area for long. When hunting Cheetah the client must be ready and prepared to shoot as soon as the opportunity comes their way.