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November 2, 2016
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November 9, 2016

Hunting Caracal in Namibia

Caracals are lynx-like medium-sized cats that are normally hunted with hounds in Namibia.

When hunting Caracal you will not only get a nice trophy, but you will also be doing the landowner a big favour. Hunting this small cat is not an easy task as they are not very active during the day. Hunting them will mostly be done at night by utilising spotlights.

The Caracal is a fairly small creature with attributes similar to the North American Bobcat. He is built slightly larger than his cousin the Serval. The fur of a Caracal ranges from light red to a darkish brick red. His short tail is very noticeable and he sports distinctive tufts on the end of his ears.

There isn’t much difference in size between the males and females. Although the Caracal is mostly active at night he can sometimes be spotted during the day when it is cool. His diet mainly consists of birds, small animals and reptiles, however he has been known to have a go at small antelopes like the Steenbok and Duiker.

Most of the time hunting Caracal happens by chance while hunting other game. An effective method of hunting this animal would be to use a spotlight over bait. However you would have to be sitting in a blind and be extremely still and quiet.

Some hunters also make very effective use of animal calls to lure this cat out of hiding. In areas where it is legal, the Caracal can also be hunted with hounds

A light caliber is best suited to pursue the trophy of this small cat. They are not the most welcomed tenants on any landowner’s grounds. This is because they have a blood thirsty reputation that is well deserved, often becoming blood drunk and killing just for the sake of it.

By keeping the Caracal numbers in check the hunter inadvertently re leaves the pressure on all small game animals that inhabit the territory.