Hunting Caracal Namibia
November 8, 2016
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Hunting Jackal in Namibia
November 10, 2016

Hunting Blue Wildebeest in Namibia

This member of the antelope family is an ox-like animal with unusual horns, a beard, and hair on his nose.

Namibia is one of the top destinations for hunting Blue Wildebeest. Throughout the year we offer hunting opportunities for Blue Wildebeest trophies. 

Hunting Blue Wildebeest is a very exciting endeavor for the professional hunter. The Blue Wildebeest is a large bearded antelope that prefers the open savanna's and short grass plains. This beast of an antelope is often referred to as the poor man’s Buffalo. Over the years his numbers have decreased somewhat in many of his old habitats. However in places such as the Serengeti his numbers could very well be over a million.

The Blue Wildebeest can also be found in game ranches in Namibia that maintain and manage healthy populations of this magnificent beast. This gives the hunter fantastic opportunities for hunting Blue Wildebeest. Both the male and females have horns and similar in size and color. The best way to identify the male bulls is too look for heavier muscled individuals with thicker horns. The older bulls will usually appear to have a darker color and have wider stripes.

Like with most of Africa's antelope the Blue Wildebeest is as tough as the best of them. Dont be shy to select a large 0.30 size caliber when targeting this poor man’s Buffalo. They are very shy and not an easy specie to hunt because the heard of nervous Wildebeest will be watching every move you make. When hunting Blue Wildebeest the hunter will need to house in on all his senses. The best technique would be to walk slowly into a suspected resting area into or across the wind glassing well ahead for movement.

When hunting Blue Wildebeest, always try to aim for the side-on shot. This 'high heart' shot will take out the heart and lungs and the animal will probably go down within 50 yards if hit hard enough. If your shot placement is not quite on the mark, be very cautious in a follow-up. This antelope can be very dangerous when wounded. Always approach a wounded Wildebeest from the 'off' side with great caution, as they are well known to get up and charge.